International Certificate of Competence

The International Certificate of Competence is NOT a qualification. A UK ICC allows UK Citizens and bonafide UK residents in UK registered pleasure craft (up to 24m in length) to visit the waters of foreign states, without the need to comply with those states’ Cabotage laws, particularly their national certification requirements which in many cases are compulsory. Some states may accept a UK ICC as an alternative to their national qualification on their nationally flagged vessels, but this should NEVER be assumed. The onus is on ICC holders to determine its acceptability by foreign states. The ICC was never intended to be an alternative to individual national qualification requirements.

The RYA is the UK issuing authority for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). To obtain an ICC you must prove your competence. If you have attended an RYA practical training course presenting your certificate with your ICC application form may be sufficient, otherwise you will need to take a practical test at an RYA recognised training centre. The ICC has six categories. When an ICC certificate is issued, only the categories for which competence has been proven will be validated. Coastal: The RYA practical training course or practical test must have been taken on coastal waters. Inland: The applicant must have passed the CEVNI test at an RYA recognised training centre. Power up to 10m. Power up to 24m. Sail up to 24m. Which of these categories are validated, depends on which certificates the applicant presents with their application form or in the case of a practical test, is related to the vessel on which the test was completed. (See the back of the ICC application form for details). Personal Watercraft. This category will only be validated if a RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Certificate is presented as proof of competence. The practical test is not available for PW.

Once you have established how to prove your competence to ensure you receive an ICC validated for the categories you require, you need to complete an ICC application form. This should be sent, together with a passport sized photograph, and payment (see the application form for the current charge) to the Certification Department.

Issue of the ICC is free of charge for RYA members. Click here to download an ICC application form.